-Should fighting be banned in hockey? 

-Fan hooliganism- its causes and measures undertaken to control it. 


By Submitting This Assignment I Acknowledge Checking for the Following 24 Things:

Formatting Checklist

1. I copied and pasted the entire Assignment Rubric/Grading Template (Essay Report Card).

2. This rubric was copied and pasted above my Essay so it is the first thing that my professor sees. 

3. I am using a brand new/fresh email to prevent formatting issues.

4. I am providing a proper subject heading that includes: My First And Last Name, The Course Code, The Section That I’m In And The Assignment Number. 

5. I understand that there is a 5% deduction in my grade for failing to provide the rubric and a proper subject heading. 

6. I am only using my Seneca email account. I am not using my personal email address due to Seneca College policy

7. My submission is in colour HTML Format (not plain text black and white). 

8. This essay has NO attachments as they posed a risk of my professor receiving either a worm or virus. 

9. This assignment was not formatted like a traditional paper/hard copy essay as this does not work well on a computer screen. 

10. There was no excessive spacing so that my professor had to keep unnecessarily scrolling up and down. 

11. I did not use bolding in my essay as this makes it more difficult for my instructor to mark my work. 

Writing Checklist

12. I carefully proof read my work so that no word or phrase was repeated in a sentence or the one that followed. 

13. Every sentence connected with the one following it in a logical “A” goes to “B” goes to “C” manner.

14. I ran my work through a grammar and spell check and watched my use of periods and commas.

15. I did not use ANY casual language that you might find in a typical online chat room and remembered to capitalize the personal pronoun “I”

16. I removed all material that was not directly related to my main argument (thesis).

17. I know the difference between the words “Their,” “They’re,” and “There” as well as “To,” “Two” and “Too,” “Your,” and “You’re.”

18. I totally understood EVERY sentence that I wrote. Everyone was as clear because something slightly foggy to me will likely be less comprehensible to the reader. 

19. I did not exceed the word limit of this assignment. 

20. I made every effort to write sentences with no more than 18 words in them in order to improve my clarity. 

21. All of my sources were properly cited in the body (inside the written part) of my paper. Using quotations alone is not acceptable. I have to say where these quotations came from. Any fact that is not common knowledge, any unique idea or copied sentences- even ones that I changed- need to be cited or else I have plagiarized. 

22. I fully understand the consequences if I plagiarize my work. 

23. I used proper MLA referencing for my Works Cited section (at the bottom of my essay) and referred to “Seneca Libraries MLA Style Guide” found in My Seneca when I was not sure how to do this. 

24. I met or exceeded the minimum number of references expected for this assignment. 

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