The case i choose is: Harnish v. Children’s Hospital (1982): This the case cited in McDonald for the “prescription drug” rule. Here is the outline for your legal brief: Overall, write 9-10 pages, using 1.5 spacing. Make sure that you use paragraphs effective to demark your discussion.(1) Facts (1-2 pages): Who is the original plaintiff and defendant? What events lead to their dispute? What remedy is the plaintiff seeking: injunction, damages, or both? Why that remedy?(2) Arguments by the Parties (1-2 pages): What law or legal precedents (prior cases) does the plaintiff use to argue for its side? What does the defendant use to argue for its side? (3) Legal Issues (1-2 pages): what are the legal issues that the judge must decide? The judge will usually state these issues clearly as it begins his/her opinion?(4) Decision and Reasoning (1-2 pages): What is the decision of the judge? For the plaintiff or defendant? What is the reasoning by the judge for that decision?(5) Relevance (1-2 pages): What is the relevance for or connection to the cases that we discussed in class? For nearly all of these cases, they were decided before the cases that we discussed in class. That is how I found them, ha ha. So discuss whether your case was over-ruled or up-held by the relevant case that we discussed in class?(6) Learned or Enjoyed (1 page): What did you learn from this project? What did you most enjoy about doing this project?For this paper, total word count at least be 3400.

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