Unit I PowerPoint Presentation 

Scenario: You have been directed by your project manager to describe the software development life cycle for system development to a potential stakeholder. You decide that you will create a presentation for the stakeholder. 

For your presentation, you will do the following. 

Create a six-slide original PowerPoint presentation.
Include a title slide and a reference slide. These slides do not count toward the six-slide minimum requirement. Describe the software development life cycle as a whole.
Identify and explain each of the different phases of the software development life cycle.
Include at least one graphic or image that correlates to the content. Remember to cite your graphic(s) or image(s). Include at least one reference in your presentation other than your graphic or image references.
Follow APA style formatting and guidelines. 

Remember to compare your presentation with the rubric before submitting it. For PowerPoint help, please view the tutorial linked here: 


Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.  

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