Child development discussion

Respond to 2 discussions 150 words each minimumOriginal question:When evaluating a preschool one of the things some parents will look at is academics that are taught to their child.1- What are the most important things a parent should be looking for when deciding placement in a preschool?2- How do parents evaluate skill development with regards to problem solving, make-believe and artistic activities within a preschool? Explain why these factors may be important for this evaluation?Discussion 1:Hello Class!There are many things that parents should look for when choosing a preschool for their children. Parents need to find a place that their child feels comfortable in and I ready to play and accept learning from teachers and peers. Allowing children healthy engagement with other children allows greater metacognition development. Parents should also look for preschools that promote sociodramatic play as opposed to independent play which can hinder their social skills later on in life. Environments where children learn to cooperate well with others are a positive way to influence problem solving. Providers who promote problem solving and playing together are good qualities to look for when choosing a preschool. A parent should also look for preschools that promote speech and language. They should look at how the teacher interacts and communicate with the children to gauge how much they interact with them and how comfortable the children are around teachers. I think that the communication factor and amount of activity that happens in the classroom are the most important things parents should look for when choosing a preschool for their child. The communication and activities have major effects on children’s cognitive growth.Parents can evaluate skill development in regard to problem solving by creating activities at home. A type of activity that parents can do in the home is having the child open a container or put on their shoes. Children get frustrated easily but, keeping calm while they try to figure it out can help them regulate their emotions. Another example of how parents can evaluate skill development for problem solving is when a parent places a desired object on the counter and waits for the child to figure out how to get to it. The solution could be as easy as grabbing a stool or box to stand on to reach the object on the counter. A way I evaluated my daughter’s problem solving was by cutting a hole in a plastic containers lid. I gave her big pom-poms and mixed a plastic ball in with them. When she tried to put the ball in the hole of the lid but realized it couldn’t fit, she got upset and asked for help. When I told her to figure it out, she eventually learned to pull the lid off to get the ball in then replace it to put the pom-poms in. Parents can evaluate skill development wit make believe and artistic play by observing their behaviors. My child who is almost two loves to play make believe by holding her stuffed animal to her shoulder and patting their back as if they are babies. She then lays them down and pretends to change their diaper. By observing her behavior, I can tell that she is becoming more cognitively aware of how bigger individuals should care for smaller individuals.Have a good week!discussion 2:Hello classmates,We are almost at the end of the course here, the time is surely starting to fly by now. With every parent there are different needs that they each look for when considering the best preschool for their chills. Some of the factors to look for when considering this could be the location of the facility and its proximity to either the parents home or work. Another thing to consider would be the safety and comfortability of the preschool. Children learn best when they are confident and can feel like they have the freedom to explore and the comfortability to ask questions to further their knowledge. I would also say to see how well the basic skills needed for children to advance to kindergarten are and how well they are willing to put in the work to help them improve on it. One way to evaluate skill development would be to see how well the preschool is with parent teacher communication, and every so often preschools like to do a quarterly conference with parents to let them know how their child is doing, these are helpful to get a better understanding as to how well prepared your child is with advancing into kindergarten.Discussion 1.

Discussion should be 350 words and apa format.(this is for above question)

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