Answer the following 4 questions. Around 4 pages. Do not do it as Essay format. Just answer the questions one by one, each question should be at least more than half pages, also answer with evidence that  provided relevant information from personal experience, powerpoint slide or other outside sources with appropriate interpretation.

For writing this assignment, we started with a debase, the title is: is it ethical for hiring managers to using information found on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) during the hiring process? 

For my opinion, I think is yes. And I didn’t change my thinking at the end of the debase. So, answer the 4 questions base on “yes” . Also, it is important to read the powerpoint that I uploaded first. 

The 4 question you need to answer are:


1.Describe the pros and cons of using SNS (social networking sites) in hiring.

2.What’s your position on whether companies should use SNS? Is it ethical for potential employers to factor in content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace when hiring potential employees? Did you change your mind after the debate? If yes, why? If no, why not?

3.If you favor using SNS in hiring, what would you suggest to minimize risk and adverse effects associated with using SNS? If you oppose using SNS in hiring, what would be the right approach to the online screening of potential employees?

4.Have you ever googled yourself? If not, try now! What did you find? Do you think your ‘digital footprint’ would affect your career positively or negatively in the future?

I had upload to rubric about how my teacher grade this assignment and powerpoint slide about what we learned in the class. This is a  Business & Professional Ethics class, all we learn is about business ethics. The most important thing is answer the question with evidence (  from slides, personal experience or other outside sources).  Don’t plagiarize, my teacher will find out. Again, don’t do it as essay format, just answer the 5 questions and total 4 pages.  

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