Application: Role and Value of Evaluation 

 The  United Nations, the American Red Cross, and other international  disaster response organizations worked together to care for the trauma  survivors after a series of four devastating hurricanes smashed into  Haiti one after another, before communities had time to regroup from the  previous ones. Then the 2010 massive earthquake struck the island. The  poverty in Haiti complicated responder effectiveness and may have  compounded survivor trauma because residents had few resources. While  back to back disasters may make it difficult to evaluate crisis  management plans, they point to the importance of learning what worked  and what went wrong. 


Once  a disaster has occurred, the evaluation process includes a review of  what was effective in the response as well as what was not effective.  Learning and improved insights from a disaster can require making  strategic changes in an organization or community. Last  week you encountered new procedures for disaster transportation  recovery, such as design-build, that can change the manner in which  communities recover from disasters. Organizations can take a lesson from  this change in thinking and creativity and look at innovative practices  for strategic planning and recovery. Therefore, evaluation is a key  element in crisis management planning and recovery.

 To prepare for this assignment: 

Review Chapter 17 in your course text, Crisis Intervention Strategies,  focusing on systems overviews and the Principles of a Crisis  Intervention Ecosystem. Consider the value of ongoing plan evaluation.

Review the Appendix and Chapters 5 and 9 in your course text, Crisis Management in the New Strategy Landscape, focusing on organizational learning and evaluation of crisis management plans.

Review  the article, “Program Evaluation: The Accountability Bridge Model for  Counselors.” Consider how counselors can use program evaluation to  enhance accountability to stakeholders.

Review recent crises and/or disasters online and think about what can be learned about crisis management from them.

 The assignment: (2 page paper APA Format) 

 Provide  an analysis of the role and value of evaluation as part of a crisis  management plan. Provide specific examples to illustrate your arguments. 

Chapter 17

 Crisis Intervention Strategies

 Chapter 5 

 Crisis Management in the New Strategy Landscape

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