1. To what extent are CORE Credit Union’s networks as converged? Identify and briefly describe additional network convergence opportunities. 2. Visit CORE’s Web site (www.corecu.org) to get richer picture of the full range of products and services offered by the credit union. Identify and briefly describe additional products and services that CORE could offer its members. 3. Many experts expect mobile payment systems to increase in popularity. What changes would be needed to CORE’s network infrastructure to support mobile payments? C2-11 4. CORE relies multiple third-parties to deliver its products and services? Identify the advantages and disadvantages of using this approach to serve its members? 5. Because it is less expensive to process electronic banking transactions, CORE has a financial incentive to increase the number of members who use its electronic banking applications. If you were the manager at CORE, what would you do to encourage more members to do most of their banking transactions electronically? 6. What additional security and backup mechanisms do you recommend for CORE’s networks? 

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