For the Unit 5 assignment, you will write a reflective analysis paper about your presentation creation process and your Unit 4 live, oral presentation. Your paper should be created using double spacing, paragraph indention, and 1-inch margins. No citations are required unless you quote, paraphrase, or share information that you have not originally created. If citations are included, follow APA formatting guidelines.

Note: Do you want a unique reflective perspective? Go back and listen to the archived recording of your presentation session as part of your analysis.

Your personal analysis paper should include a reflective discussion on the following:

  • Your choice of topic, purpose, and intended audience 
  • Your research sources 
  • The flow of your outline 
  • The ease or difficulty you had with each part of the preparation process (e.g., choosing a topic, researching, finding or creating visual aids, outlining, drafting, and presenting orally) 
  • The appropriateness and effectiveness of your visual aids, including the consistency, appearance, and overall flow of the presentation 
  • The effectiveness of your presentation (Did you sound confident? Did you get your message across? Was the audience moved or swayed by your conclusion?) 
  • How you would improve the process of developing a future live, oral presentation; how you would improve any future visual aids; and how you would improve future oral presentations

Deliverable Length:   2–3 pages

DUE 01/30/18

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