There are a number of threats in the cloud, each with its own frequency of occurrence and severity. According to Erl Puttini and Mahmood (2013), despite firms increasing their IT resources for system security, the human factor will always be the greatest threat to system security. Insider threats have remained a key source of concern over the years. People are the same entities tasked to protect the cloud environment, which is one of the key reasons why maintaining the appropriate security levels is a threat. In this case, an organization may concentrate in building system that may prevent an organization from external attacks only for cases such as data breaches to occur within the institutions (James, 2018). Singh & Pandey (2018) categorizes these threats as malicious insiders whereby these group would either be current or former employees. In this case, these employees have the privileges of accessing the cloud resources hence they might attack and cause harm to the cloud environment.

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