Organized Crime Groups and Politics

In most nations is a common knowledge that criminal organization usually thrive well due to their connection with the politic of those nations. In most occasions, the organized crimes usually, control the elections and favor certain politician by either supporting their campaigns or just having a lead on them so that they are able to benefit after the election through getting an allocation of procurement contracts or public works as well as reducing law enforcement on their side. Most of the organized crime groups be it in the United States of America or in other countries usually use pre-electoral violence to achieve two major objectives; one is to use the violence to disrupt the parties that are against the organized crime group and secondly to affect the behavior of the elected politicians once they are in office (Woodiwiss, 2001). 

In the USA and in other nation organized crime comes in many ways but the mafia is the most organized group that has been seen in many other countries. Though the mafia has got their root in Italy it is one of the groups that benefited from the political association. In America and in the other nation this groups get themselves into politic through preelection violence as well as financing the politician during the campaign, They practically make deal with the politician who is getting into office so that after the election they are to be rewarded through loyalty as well as having them favored by the laws that are made. In most of the nation most, the laws usually turn a blind eye to this organized crimes groups since they have a personal investment in our political leaders. This has led to so much political corruption in the United States as well as other countries (Alesina, Piccolo, & Pinotti, 2016). 

In the United States there is a strong association between organized crime and the United State’s politicians since time immemorial there have been activities that indicate a relationship between organized crime groups and the American politician especially the mafia. This has led to several legislations but still, not all is done away with.

Most of the politician gets influence by the organized crimes group since the groups offer them a lot of money for campaigns, the groups protect their illicit businesses and at the same time the groups offer them protection from their rivals and opponent and this makes them indebted (Woodiwiss, 2001). 

Conducting the research on how organised crimes affect the politician will help in identifying the best mean of dealing with the organized crimes groups since we will have a better understand on how the relationship works.


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