Review Chapter 15. Discusss Business Continuity Planning Policy in detail. Also discuss any 2 policies that may affect disaster recovery
Reference one Additional article, in addition to the textbook itself. (MLA or APA citation is okay).
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Chapter 15: policies and procedures

Policies and procedures

Well-crafted policies and procedures can guide employees by explaining to them how to best support organizational recovery efforts.

Policies and Procedures not intended to replace instructions in DR/BCP

They are to provide need support


General statement of direction that provide employees guidance in the shared goal of supporting the organizations’ mission

Have following characteristics:

Present a high-level statement affecting a large part of the organization

Provide general guidance on the appropriate action

Change infrequently

Tell the “what” and/or “why”

Address major operation issues

Define the goal to be achieved


Specific instructions on how to perform an activity

Have following characteristics:

Present a detailed statement affecting a specific part of the organization

Provide detailed instruction on the appropriate action

Can change frequently

Tell the “how” and/or “who”

Address a particular process

Define the specific result to be achieved.

Creating and managing policies and procedures

Policy authority and responsibility

Policy creation and approval process

Organization and format

Implementing policies

Policy maintenance

Determining what needs a policy

Policies reinforce what’s important to the organization

Benefits of a well-crafter policy:

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Providing consistency in operations

Preventing ambiguity about how to handle certain situations

Promoting harmony in the workplace

Managing risks

Establishing a basis for continuous improvement

Providing legal protection

Business continuity planning policy

BCP Policy Introduction

BCP Policy Scope

BCP Policy History

BCP Policy

Identify Critical Resources and Processes

Create a BCP

Maintain and Test the Plan


BCP Policy Authority

Policies that may affect
disaster recovery

Attendance policy

Sick leave policy

After-hours entry policy

Payroll policy

Work-from-home policy

Vacation policy

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) policy

Records destruction and data retention policy

Social media policy

Purchasing policy


Policies and procedures are a critical component of the recovery effort

They provide the guidance needed that is not specifically covered in the DR/BCP

All policies should be reviewed on a regular basis

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