Due 1/31/2018 

Original response with to each question answer with at least 200 words for each question and two scholars references for each questions. MUST answer completely. 

1.) What is your assessment of the “truth” about the definition of homeland security? In other words, what do you believe homeland security really is? Do you believe homeland security does, or should, focus exclusively on the threat of terrorism, or should it be genuinely “all-hazards,” including other man-made or natural disasters? What sense do you have thus far regarding how Pres. Trump would approach the issue of defining homeland security?

2.) On September 11, 2017, we observed the sixteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. If you were old enough to be aware and have some understanding, please share and describe your own personal experience and reflections of the 9/11 attacks: For example, you might describe your age at the time, where you were or what you were doing when you first heard of the attacks, your reaction or understanding of it then, and how that event has—or hasn’t—personally affected you since then. Or, perhaps your parents, older siblings, or other people close to you were affected in some profound way. Some of you may already have been adults, working in law enforcement, the military or some other career.

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