write an essay with 1 single spaced page answering these questions.


1. Analysis of Audience, Purpose, and Context: Why is a careful and accurate analysis of a text’s audience, purpose, and context critical to successful technical communication?  In what ways might different audiences, purposes, or contexts influence technical communication? 

Throughout the Design4Practice program, to what audiences have you primarily addressed your work? How might your audience change in EGR 386w? 

2. Clear, Concise, and Comprehensive Communication: Technical communicators (e.g., engineers) often struggle to be appropriately clear, concise, and comprehensive in their writing/communication. Why might this balance be difficult to achieve? Have you struggled with this balance before? If so, when?

3. Ethical Communication: Describe the importance of ethical technical communication, . What are some ways in which technical communication might be considered unethical, and why would this be concerning to engineers (and stakeholders)?

4. Technical Writing Conventions: Lastly, which technical writing conventions have you most struggled with in the past (e.g., grammar, punctuation, spelling, organization)?  How do you hope to improve on these conventions throughout the semester?


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