Keeping in point the legal methods for the coach and parents, the situation can never seem to get settled as the dispute in the court usually takes time and money, and it would be the same cost for both of the parties. However, settling the issue with Lucy’s parents will be best for both parties, and it will also save additional complexities. Conversely, the image of the school is relatively important to us, and our priority should be to deal with such matters calmly. No doubt, Lucy was injured badly and suffered severe issues; she is deliberately in need of serious medical attention and additional care expense. As mentioned before, Lucy’s parent has a strong grip on the case because their kid was injured, however, on the other hand, the coach has also strong claim that he trained and advised students on the basis of safety precautions and school standards, and he was sure of Lucy’s post-medical condition. Therefore, the situation might end on the same verdict to settle the dispute on the legal rules and courtship. I believe that you will take these considerations into account and do what is appropriate.

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