• Essay  2 is due this week. Write a 750-950 word essay on one of the following  topics. Aim for a 5-paragraph essay structure ( introduction with  thesis, three or more  body paragraphs, and a conclusion). The word  count does not include the Works Cited page or formatting. 
  • Your essay should be formatted in MLA style,  including double spacing throughout. All sources should be properly  cited both in the text and on a works cited page. As with most academic  writing, this essay should be written in third person. Please avoid both  first person (I, we, our, etc.) and second person (you, your).
  • Which  author this week seems most representative of the Modern viewpoint as  you understand it? Explain. Some research on Modernism might be required  here! Be sure to identify at least 3 ‘reasons’ or points to explore in  the body of your paper.  You might examine 3 qualities of Modernism and  discuss how those qualities appear in the poetry of ee cummings, for  example. 
  • Should  you choose to use outside references, these must be scholarly,  peer-reviewed sources obtained via the APUS library (select Advanced  Search and check the Peer Reviewed box). Be careful that you  don’t create a “cut and paste” paper of information from your various  sources. Your ideas are to be new and freshly constructed. Also, take  great care not to plagiarize.
  • Whatever topic you choose you will need a debatable thesis. A thesis is  not a fact, a quote, or a question. It is your position on the topic.  The reader already knows the story; you are to offer him a new  perspective based on your observations.
  • Since  the reader is familiar with the story, summary is unnecessary. Rather  than tell him what happened, tell him what specific portions of the  story support your thesis.

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