In the 1890’s, political cartoons provided important commentary on the major economic, political, and social issues of the day.  Cartoon artists employed symbolism, exaggeration, labeling, analogy, and irony to express their viewpoint.

The Cartoon I selected was School Begins

Look closely at the cartoon you have selected…

Answer the following questions

Explain the character(s) in the cartoon.

Describe the symbols and actions the artist employs in the cartoon.

Describe the issues the cartoon raises.

Analyze and explain what the cartoon says about the consequences of the Spanish American War for the countries occupied.

Describe how your understanding of the cartoon changed after doing the analysis portion of this exercise

The combined answers should be one page including your reference list.  Your answers should be completed sentences and accurate and thorough.  Be sure to cite the textbook at least once and reference the textbook in APA formatting.

The Reference from the text is… Barnes, L.& Bowles, M. (2014).  The American Story:  Perspective and encounters from 1877. San Diego, CA; Bridgepoint Education, Inc

Please use your own words…..

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