1.  Ethics, character and personal integrity are three your most important factors in a company or organization. Ethics becomes the responsibility of everyone for his/her work in the company. Character comes into play when the employee shows how a person think and act, character drives what we do when no one else is watching. Everyone can build, change, or destroy his or her own character. Person integrity is when you are being sincere as well as honest. Integrity is also defined as adhering to a moral code in daily decision making. Every person is responsible for how they carrier themselves daily at the work place. Once you build that perception of your character then at the workplace then it sort of hard to change how people view you at work, this will follow you throughout your duration of employment. 


Business ethics is to me the most underlying concept to organizational development next to communication.  We all get caught up in various aspects of our businesses like production, quality, customer feedback, budgeting, etc.  These are all valid concepts to business, but I consider these just to be the gears needed to make the business go.  Ethics is the lubrication to keep that gear maintained which prevents tension and allows is to operate smoothly without interruption.  Always being able to rely on others to do the right thing, and even yourself to do the right thing is the best option.  I come from a military background, and being a veteran of the Air Force the 1st core value we ever learn is integrity first.  Always do the right thing even when others (and even the boss) isn’t looking.  

I know military and business are two completely different beasts, but I will leave you with this experience I had in the military that relates to business ethics.  My supervisor once told me, “If it’s a job worth doing, its a job worth doing right.”  Now, you ask who told you that?  This was my supervisor while I was serving as a member of the Base honor guard team.  We handle the funeral arrangements for active duty members, retired, and veterans.  I have honorably handed off 52 perfectly folded American flags to widows, and their children. This is how I relate to business ethics, and how I approach this concept at my current employer now.


1.  Within the realm of the Star Trek show, Mr. Spock seemed to present continuous questions about the ethics of space travels with his crew. Discuss the role of character and personal integrity in business ethics. 

2.  In the case of the Coyote and Road Runner, one might question the ethics of the two characters’ behaviors. Identify an organization that you have worked for or know about that has successfully implemented a culture of ethical business behavior. Alternatively, identify one that has not successfully implemented a culture of ethical business behavior. Discuss how leaders in those businesses have or have not accomplished this initiative.  

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