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Identify how the culturally dominant values outlined by Schofield Clark (e.g. individualism, freedom, etc.) connect to early ideas found in Protestantism.  For example, how is individualism, which is highly prized in contemporary society, reflected in the early formation of Protestantism? Make the connection between Protestantism and protestantization by discussing the following values (each connection should be approximately one paragraph in length):

  • individualism
  • freedom
  • pluralism
  • tolerance
  • democracy
  • intellectual inquiry

Having made the connections between Protestantism and protestantization, critically evaluate Schofield Clark’s theory of protestantization in approximately two written pages.  Do you think contemporary cultural values are indeed a reflection of Protestantism?  Why or why not?  What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of her argument (whether or not you agree or disagree with her)?

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